Colorado Project Wildfire

Reduce and Prevent Destruction of Land, Property, and Lives by Raising Awareness

Over the past two decades, frequent, large, destructive wildfires have claimed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and structures, caused deaths and injuries and displaced residents for extended periods of time. With continued development throughout the state’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas, estimated to grow by 300 percent in the next 15 years, the wildfire threat is real and it is not going away. Project Wildfire is designed to reduce and/or prevent the destruction of land, property and lives by raising awareness and educating residents throughout our state.

  • In The Face Of Long-Term Risk, Colorado REALTORS® Believe That Education Combined With Monetary Incentives, Along With Access To Local Resources, Are The Most Effective Ways To Address Future Wildfire Damage And Avoid Unproven, Unreliable Legal Mandates And Policies Which May Be Proposed To Address The Issues.
  • Colorado REALTORS® Are Working In Partnership With Other Like-Minded Fire Prevention Organizations Across Our State To Bring Education And Awareness, As Well As Access To Resources Directly To Residents In Their Local Communities.
  • Without Proactive Steps By Homeowners, There Is A Strong Potential For An Increase In Property Related Expenses Including Higher Transactional Costs And Taxes, As Well As Rising Insurance Premiums For Both Residents In WUI Areas And Throughout The State.
  • Colorado REALTORS® Support The Idea Of Creating Incentives (Tax Deductions Or Credits, Lower Interest Rates) For Residents Who Provide Evidence Of Voluntary Wildfire Safety Compliance.
  • Colorado REALTORS® Continue To Focus Their Efforts On The Protection Of Homeownership And Individual Property Rights With An Emphasis On Safety And Prevention Of Wildfires.

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