Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer

Suzan Koren
(970) 223-2900 ext 3

My team and I are here to support our members to be indispensable to the consumer.

This includes providing education classes, networking opportunities and promoting the Realtor brand to the community.

We help to make our members aware of NAR and CAR tools, events and member perks too.

Please call us or stop by to see how we can assist you.

Membership Director

Carrie Bethurum
(970) 223-2900 ext 1

  • Onboarding new members and keeping members information current in all databases
  • Providing retail store items
  • Collecting dues fees
Communications Director

Lee McDowell
(970) 223-2900 ext 2

  • Maintains the website; creates social media, email communications and marketing
  • Liaison to the Affiliate Business Partners
  • Managing all education classes and instructors
  • Managing all events