About Us

About The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® (FCBR), the “Voice for Real Estate” in Fort Collins since 1922, represents over 1300 members from all real estate specialties including commercial sales, property management, appraisal, and residential sales, and also includes a host of industry partners and affiliates within the local community that provide supporting services including title companies, mortgage lenders, moving companies and photographers.

  • A REALTOR® is the only real estate professional who has vowed to treat their clients ethically.
  • A REALTOR® finds you a dream home and protects your right to it.
  • A REALTOR® negotiates the best price and uses the industry’s leading market data to do it.
  • A REALTOR® knows your neighborhood, the neighbors, and volunteers to make better.
  • The REALTOR® Code of Ethics makes REALTORS® your advocate in one of the largest transactions you’ll ever make.
  • A REALTOR® isn’t just a home or business search, it’s a human connection to the best property for you.
  • A REALTOR® is supported by the nation’s largest professional trade organization protecting your property and community long after the contracts are signed.

Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® members will be indispensable to the consumer by demonstrating the highest level of ethics and professionalism.


Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® promotes ethical professionalism while fostering an environment of cooperation and collaboration among REALTORS®.

  • Transparency — open communication
  • Ethical — do the right thing
  • Advocacy — get involved and speak up
  • Education — educating our members
  • Consistency — count on us
Strategic Goals
  1. Foster Collaboration — Begin an ongoing effort to have face to face contacts with key stakeholders to encourage and foster collaboration.
  2. Increase Communication — Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® will create a comprehensive communication plan to articulate our value proposition while engaging our members and community.
  3. Events/Affiliate Relationships — Promote involvement, provide value, ethically and professionally represent our community.
  4. Education, Ethics & Professionalism — Provide the highest quality education to cultivate the most ethical and professional REALTORS® in Northern Colorado throughout their careers.
  5. Increased Involvement — Develop a relevant and comprehensive “inclusionary” program that encourages, and rewards Fort Collins Board of REALTOR® members top get involved and take ownership of the BOARD.