Getting Started: IRES-mls & Sentrilock Lockboxes

If you are a new member and need to set-up an account with IRES-mls, and/or are in need of a Sentrilock lockbox, this is where you begin.

To set-up an account with IRES-mls:

  • Complete the Online Subscriber Agreement for Licensed Brokers.
    This form is required to set-up an account with IRES-mls.  There is a one-time initiation fee of $95 plus a monthly subscription fee of $44, billed at $132 quarterly through IRES-mls.

Once your account has been set-up with IRES-mls, to purchase a Sentrilock Lockbox:

  • Download the Sentrilock Authorized User Agreement and complete the highlighted areas.
    This form is required to set-up an account with Sentrilock.  The monthly subscription fee is $10 and is billed quarterly through IRES-mls.
  • Download the Sentrilock Equipment Product Receipt, and complete the highlighted areas.
    There is a one-time charge of $99 for each lockbox purchased and is billed through IRES-mls. Example shown on right.
  • Email completed forms to Carrie Bethurum at and provide best number for her to call for follow-up.
    Within 24 business hours of receipt of email, Carrie will call to facilitate the transaction.  This may either be done over the phone for subscription only, or by appointment to pick up and activate the lockbox.

For Sentrilock User information Click Here

  • Lockbox Overview
  • Using the Sentrilock App
  • Enabling The Safety Feature
  • Training Videos
  • Tech Support