Protecting Our Housing Future

“Because we believe that Fort Collins’ housing future is at historic crossroads with regard to community projects like the Mason Corridor, by our transition to urban scale development, and a continued influx of new members to our amazing community we have chosen to take the necessary actions to ensure that our Housing Future is headed in a positive direction“-FCBR Leadership on creation of Protecting Our Housing Future 

Protecting Our Housing Future is an FCBR REALTOR® & Consumer Advocacy based program focused on ensuring that the Greater Fort Collins area’s housing future is diverse, affordable, available, sustainable, safe and healthy by delivering useful information, services, and tools for consumers and REALTORS®

Please feel free to use these resources to help promote the Future of Housing in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. If you would like a presentation from one of our Future of Housing experts we would be happy to assist you. The focus of this effort is to make sure that steps are taken today to protect our housing future.

Should you need more information or have questions please feel free to contact us at 223-2900 or clint(a)fcbr.org.

POHF Resources:

Latest Monthly Housing Reports: Housing reports for the greater Fort Collins area including commentary, & graphs in a downloadable format

Monthly Housing Reports

Monthly Housing Report Overview Videos– 2-3 minute overview of Housing Market

Protecting our Housing Future News Source: New and Info related to a variety of housing items

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Protecting Our Housing Future Videos

Mason & Our Housing Future: Efforts related to the onboarding of the Mason Corridor and how it will impact housing and livability

2014 Future of Mason Survey Results

Affordable=Achievable Campaign: A focused campaign as a part of FCBR’s 2014 Strat Plan to raise awareness about the importance of housing affordability for all wage earners

Affordable=Achievable Resource Page including the Latest Housing Affordabililty Index

Ongoing Housing Related issues in Fort Collins:

City Council 6 Month Planning Calendar

Housing Related Resources: Links to non-profit and other housing related services/programs

This week in Development Review

Fort Collins Development Review Tools & Resources

Fort Collins Housing Authority

Neighbor to Neighbor

Habitat For Humanity

NoCo Rebuilding Network

Homeless Prevention Initiative

Fort Collins Historic Preservation Program

Fort Collins Green Building Resources

Renewable Program

Housing Related News & Info:

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