Interim CEO Bob Nolin

Interim CEO Bob Nolin

Good afternoon members of FCBR,

FCBR is proud to announce that Mr. Bob Nolin has been retained as the interim CEO to lead the Association during the transition to finding a full-time, permanent CEO.

Mr. Nolin not only brings many years of institutional knowledge specific to FCBR; he also has worked on a nationwide level for the last several years guiding searches and successfully placing CEO’s for REALTOR Associations. Mr. Nolin brings an intimate knowledge of the position, his national notoriety and reputation, and years of service; along with the ability to use a fresh set of eyes from outside the organization. FCBR’s Board of Directors are confident that Mr. Nolin is the right person to lead us forward in a positive manner.

FCBR would like to personally thank Adam Eggleston and Sarah Bennett for their interest in filling the interim position. Their leadership is greatly appreciated.

FCBR would like to thank Bob Sutton for volunteering to fill in the interim CEO role. Bob Sutton will be transitioning out of the Interim CEO role while helping Bob Nolin transition into his new Interim CEO role.

FCBR’s Board of Directors would like to invite you to a Meet and Greet This Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the FCBR Education Center.

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