Future of Housing Report: Local Housing Issues Brief

These quick issues & video briefs, as a part of FCBR’s Protect Our Housing Future efforts, will be updated as needed to include overviews of critical local issues impacting housing in Northern Colorado and FCBR’s efforts to address them. We hope that you will use these reports to keep yourself, REALTORS®, clients, & other interested parties up to speed on the latest issues.

You can learn more about these items and more by attending our Government Affairs Council meetings held monthly on the 2nd Tuesday from 12-1:30p at FCBR’s offices.

GAC Video Briefing:

August 8, 2017–Video Replay–Mayor Pro-Tem Gerry Horak (U+2, Parking, Affordable Housing, Fees, & More)

Issue Briefing:

Capital & Transportation Expansion Fees

City Council adopted new fees and voted to create a new citizens advisory group, which FCBR will be a part of at their June 6th meeting. The new fees will go into effect on October 1st of 2017.

Thanks in part to FCBR’s efforts the adopted fees will have less of an impact on relative housing affordability. In fact, according to our calculations the estimated difference in up front costs for a 200 unit multi-family development would be in the $660,000+ range.

U+2 10 Year Performance Review
  • 10 years since changes to U+2 Occupancy Ordinance
  • FCBR Statistically Valid survey of Voters conducted in Spring of 16
    • 75 percent housing affordability
    • 2/3 support enhancement to current ordinance
  • July 2016 FCBR makes official request of City Council
    • Conduct a comprehensive Performance review
    • Focus on Neighborhood & housing affordability impacts
    • Clarified that FCBR will not advocate for repeal
  • August 2016 City Leaders request financial support for the study from  FCBR-CSU-ASCSU
    • Each partner agrees
  • December work session
    • Councilman Ross Cunniff compares partners participation to “Big Tobaccos” effort to influence cancer studies
    • Council leans toward a limited scope for any study
  • Studies future is currently being established by city staff for City Council review in 2017
    • Likely to be City funded
    • Full scope is being considered
  • June 6th City Council provides direction for the City Staff to prepare a scope of study for Council to respond to.
  • This issue of a study will now be discussed for funding Fall of 2017 as a part of the mid-term budget considerations
  • Read more via FCBR.org

NoCo Housing Now Regional Housing Affordability Coalition:
  • Efforts started by FCBR in 2016 to bring housing affordability to the forefront of regional efforts
  • NoCo Housing Now has commissioned a $15,000 study of zoning and density of the four largest cities in Northern Colorado. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Learn more by visiting:
City Plan Update

The city is preparing for a major review and update to our city’s master plan known as “City Plan”. This update is likely to have a heavy focus on housing and related approaches.

FCBR will be heavily involved with this process and will be encouraging members to voice their thoughts in order to ensure that our city’s future of housing is a robust and dynamic one.

To learn more visit http://ourcity.fcgov.com/cityplan

To view all proposed items and specific dates coming before City Council visit The Six Month Planning Calendar

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