REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC)


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Putting Your Advocacy Dollars to work via Community Relief efforts, Smart Growth programs, Community surveys, Issue’s advocacy, & Supporting Candidates that will Protect Our Housing Future

RPAC is the #1 Trade Association Political Action Committee in the Nation

Welcome to RPAC, the voice of REALTORS® from Fort Collins’ City Hall to the State Capitol in Denver and on to Washington D.C. & Capitol Hill. Since 1969 RPAC has been promoting the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates across the United States. During the last federal election cycle alone, RPAC contributed over $12 million to pro-REALTOR® candidates to Congress, making it the number one trade association political action committee in the nation. Why has RPAC been successful? Because RPAC is not a charity. RPAC is a business.

On the national level, we give our money to those in Congress who both understand and support REALTOR® issues. We look to build the future by putting RPAC dollars in places that will help advance the interests of Real Estate professionals. RPAC is the only political group in the country organized for REALTORS®, run by REALTORS® and exists solely to further issues important to REALTORS®.

Think of your RPAC contribution as an investment. The best investment you’ll ever make in your business and yourself. RPAC is your best insurance against poorly designed small business and commercial real estate legislation. If you’re not giving your fair share (just $25) to RPAC, you’re not doing all you can to better your profession, your business, and yourself.

Annual Housing Future Investment Campaign

Have you Invested in our Housing Future yet? By investing $25 or more in the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) not only will you be supporting important REALTOR® & Consumer Advocacy efforts that protect your business, but once again this year you will be given a shot at over $3,000 in other prizes. Plus invest $50 or more and you will be invited to our recognition celebration where you will enjoy networking, beverages, & light food.

Housing Future Investment Campaign- RPAC:  Invest Now to protect YOUR business & earn a shot at prizes

For every $25 you invest you get one chance in the Annual RPAC Prize Drawing worth over $3,000 Including these grand pizes…

  • Broncos vs Cowboys Tickets
  • $250 Southwest Airlines Travel Voucher
  • Local Travel Experience
  • + invest $50 or more and get one free entry into our RPAC Recognition Celebration w/ Local Elected Officials in August
  • + For the first 50 first time investors who invest $25 or more in RPAC will receive a phone chargers!

FCBR is focused on increasing the number of members who give the $25 fair share investment or more each year. So in addition to our drawing we will be conducting an office participation challenge. We will recognize those offices with the greatest level of participation at our event. Office participation levels will be posted online throughout the challenge that runs through July 30th each year.

So how is you office doing? Click Here to View Office Challenge Participation and Investments to date

How to Contribute:


RPAC $$ in action: 

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® through its nationally recognized Advocacy Efforts have been able to leverage $2.40 in Advocacy dollars per every dollar we have raised via RPAC over the past 6 plus years so we put your dollars to work for you locally while you benefit from the state and national efforts to protect housing….

    • FCBR supported local Mayor & City Council candidates in our municipal election raising awareness about FCBR’s ongoing Housing Affordability efforts and the challenges being experienced in our housing market.
    • FCBR started a regional housing discussion with local elected officials and key stakeholders via our NoCo Housing Now: Regional Housing Affordability coalition.Learn more at
    • Thanks to FCBR’s advocacy efforts we have kept the City from adding 3 additional disclosure items related to a variety of issues over the past four years.
  • C.A.R. helped to pass much needed Construction Defects Legislation focused on increasing the number of condos/town homes being built in Colorado
  • In 2016 C.A.R. Created a First-time Homebuyers Savings Account in Colorado. This allows any Coloradan to set aside up to $50,000 toward the costs of purchasing a new home. The earnings on those funds — interest and capital gains — are free from Colorado state taxes forever.
  • Defeated a proposed real estate transfer tax in Colorado. This proposed resolution would have imposed a transfer tax on the recording of each real property deed at the rate of 1/10 of 1% of the value of the property.
  • Supported successful legislation to help close loopholes in our legal system that allow patent trolls to thrive by targeting REALTORS® and other businesses for simply using common business technologies.

RPAC $$ in action: 

Colorado Association of REALTORS RPAC Efforts
National Association of REALTORS RPAC Efforts

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal and the National Association of REALTORS® or any of its state associations or local boards will not favor or disfavor any member because of the amount contributed. 70% of each contribution is used by your state PAC to support state and local political candidates. Until your state PAC reaches its RPAC goal 30% is sent to National RPAC to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a; after the state PAC reaches its RPAC goal it may elect to retain your entire contribution for use in supporting state and local candidates.

RPAC Office Challenge

A look at our office RPAC giving campaign. FCBR each year challenges its offices to support RPAC by encouraging participation in our Future of Housing Fundraising Campaign by making at least a fair share contribution of $25. This is look at office giving and participation rates. Any office with 5 or members in them with greater than 80% participation rate will be recognized at our year end RPAC recognition event.

Empowering the professional success of members by strengthening Northern Colorado’s exceptional real estate culture