FCBR’s REALTOR & Consumer Advocacy Department helps to ensure the success of our members via the 4 “I’s”- Involvement, Investment, Information, & Influence. Our Advocacy efforts are predicated on meaningful Community Involvement, Investment in key organizations, trustworthy local real estate Information, and effective Influence on local public policy.           

Key committees/task forces of this department include Government Affairs, REALTOR® Political Action Committee, Community Outreach, CARHOF, Linda Norton Good Neighbor Scholarship Fund, Public Relations, & Monthly Market Information.

To learn more about this department and its related activities please contact Department Director Clint Skutchan at 402-0852 or clint@fcbr.org.



Fort Collins: Climate Action Plan Could Affect Real Estate

Members of FCBR’s Government Affairs Committee were surprised by some of the possible strategies that could be included in the 2014 policy update to the Climate Action Plan. The plan was first adopted in 1999. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

According to analysis nearly half of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity, since a majority of the Platte River Power Authority’s energy is generated by coal. Other significant sources of emissions are motor vehicles (25 percent) and natural gas (19 percent). The City is considering ideas to reduce emissions from future growth such as additional green building regulations and ways in which to reduce energy use in existing buildings.

Lucinda Smith, the City’s Director of Environmental Services mentioned that one tactic under consideration to reduce energy use in existing buildings is the creation of a rental licensing program. Fort Collins would presumably follow Boulder’s example and use a rental licensing program as a stepping stone to requiring landlords to increase the energy efficiency of rental properties.

However the plan has not been finalized. Public comment will be taken at several upcoming meetings as well as online www.fcgov.com/climateprotection/. The Council is scheduled to adopt the updated plan at its Feb. 17 regular meeting

December Housing Report: Finishing out the Year with Higher Pricing & Low Inventory

December Housing Report: New Listings were down 18.6 percent for single family homes and 4.4 percent for townhouse-condo properties. Pending sales clocked in at 207 for single family homes and 45 for townhouse-condo properties. The Median Sales Price was up 11.8 percent to $289,999 for single family homes and 21.2 percent to $202,950 for townhouse-condo properties. Months’ Supply of Inventory stood at 1.8 for single family units and 1.1 months for townhouse-condo units.. Read on for more data, graphs and commentary

Board of Realtors Honors Mayor and Social Sustainability Department for Addressing Housing

The Fort Collins Board of Realtors on Wednesday recognized the City of Fort Collins Social Sustainability department and Mayor Karen Weitkunat with “Housing Heroes” Awards for their efforts to address housing affordability.

This is the first award for the relatively new Social Sustainability department. While this is Mayor Weitkunat’s first Housing Hero award, she was recognized previously by the Board of Realtors in 2007 with a Distinguished Service Award.

“We really appreciate what the city has done and continues to do in the realm of making housing a top priority for our city,” said Paul Hunter, the 2015 Chair of the Board of Realtors.

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief - House

Urge Congress Extend Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief
The income tax exemption on mortgage debt forgiven in a short sale or a workout for principal residences expired at the end of 2013. Without immediate action by Congress, distressed homeowners will have to pay tax on “phantom income” from forgiven debt.

FCBR Takes Position on TOD Parking Standards & Asks For Greater Housing Affordability Inclusions

The FCBR BOD at its July meeting supported a number of positions in relation to the upcoming discussions of parking standards in the Transit Overlay District. While offering a great deal of support for most of the proposals FCBR will begin lobbying for the inclusion of offsets that would encourage affordable options for average wage earners in addition to low income housing. To learn more about this important issue please read on...

Vote Today:FCBR Supports Housing Future Candidates, Open Space, & Jail Proposals

You should have received your ballots in the mail by now. Here's a quick overview of the local Housing Future candidates and issues that FCBR supports. We are encouraging our members to support the proposed Open Space and Jail Tax Continuance measures and to vote for the following Housing Future candidates: Lew Gaiter- Larimer County Commissioner Joann Ginal- House District 52 Jeni Arndt- House District 53. Read on for more information about this year's election...